A.T. Corridor Boundary Stewards

- Appalachian Trail Conservancy

Location Maine - North,Maine - South,New Hampshire,Vermont,Massachusetts,Connecticut,New York,New Jersey,Pennsylvania - East,Pennsylvania - Central,Maryland,West Virginia,Virginia - North ,Virginia - Central ,Virginia - South West
Dates N/A
Opportunity type Ongoing
Program category Trail - Corridor Boundary Monitors
Skills/Interests Backpacking/Hiking/Camping
GPS/Map Reading
Monitoring - Trail Corridor
Clearing Brush/Yard Work
Difficulty Strenuous
Documents View Take a Walk on the Wildside - A.T. Cooridor Mgmt Take a Walk on the Wildside - A.T. Cooridor Mgmt


Corridor monitors are volunteers who watch over A.T. lands. These volunteers function as the “eyes and ears” for their assigned section of A.T. corridor. The corridor is the permanent, protective buffer surrounding the A.T.; the boundary is the edge of the corridor. This property line demarcates where A.T. lands end and adjacent landowners’ properties begin.

Corridor maintainers perform the task of keeping the boundary well-marked and easy to follow both for A.T. volunteers and Trail neighbors. Tract monitoring involves taking data on the conditions of the land inside the boundaries.  Volunteers can take on both monitoring and maintaining duties, in which case they are called corridor stewards.

Corridor monitors and maintainers work under the Trail Clubs responsible for their assigned sections of the Trail.

Contact Alison Scheiderer (ascheiderer@appalachiantrail.org for more information about opportunities from Maine through Connecticut.  Contact Ryan Seltzer (rseltzer@appalachiantrail.org) for information about opportunities from New York through mid-Virginia.  Contact Josh Kloehn (jkloehn@appalachiantrail.org) for information about opportunities in central and southwestern Virginia.

Also, visit our website: http://www.appalachiantrail.org/what-we-do/trail-management-support/boundary-monitoring-maintenance

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